I bought earbuds today.

I noticed the ones I had before were losing their sound quality. You can always tell something is wrong when you have to turn up the volume really high to hear anything.

I had this one pair of Sonys that came with a minidisc player that lasted me at least 10 years. The player itself was jacked by someone at a hotel room but the hotel payed for it. They changed the furniture without telling us. We left the room in the morning and when we got back everything was different, and my player was gone. Now I have two sets of minidiscs without a player.  I was going to buy another one, but then ipods came out.

I wonder what it's like being Qadaffi.

Of all the world leaders out there he seems to make the least effort to look presidential.

He never shaves.
He stays in a tent everywhere he goes.
And then he doesn't brush his hair.

complementariness is important

but sameness is boring

I never used to get riled up by drama on TV

I am less dis-affected by it now. I was watching re-runs of the show Degrassi: The Next Generation.

There's one flaw about high school themed TV shows:

all the characters are hotties.

Real high school is full of uggos.  Like 20% is hotties.

My sister said she saw our dental hygenist on plentyoffish.com

Under Drugs it said "Socially," but at one point it said "Often".

you know what's awesome?

how refreshing water can be
and it's not like it's some manufactured product
just water
from the earth
you can swim in it
you bathe with it
cleanses mind & body

I saw "paper" misspelled on a bin today

but I think the box was being ironic.